Our Services

Board Development

We work with your board leadership to analyze the structure and effectiveness of the board, and we recommend realignment and changes, when necessary. We also advise on the specific use of individual board members, and we work with them to strengthen their personal effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

We provide a comprehensive strategic planning process, stressing the creation of a Core Purpose for your organization, if you don’t have one, and the development of Core Values. Then, we work with you to align your Mission and Vision statements with your Core Purpose. We guide you in self-analyzing your strengths,weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Finally, we assist you in creating a long-range strategic plan and a first-year operational plan, and we check your progress.

Campaign Planning Studies

Prior to launching a major campaign, a planning study has proven to be a valuable tool for determining the readiness of a nonprofit to successfully conduct a major funding initiative. Our studies involve confidential interviews with all board members, key management, and significant donors and prospects.

Major Gift & Capital Campaign Management

We have decades of experience in managing fund-raising campaigns. Our core business is our commitment to develop nonprofits so they can successfully raise funds on their own.  Our Major Gift & Capital Campaign Management services provide hands on in-depth training and mentoring of staff and volunteers, as we lead each campaign to a successful achievement of its goal.

Development Department Audits

We thoroughly investigate all aspects of your Development Department, reviewing your policies and procedures, systems and records, and interviewing all personnel involved in raising funds and/or managing the process. Our reports not only tell you what we were looking for and what we found, but make recommendations for improvements that will elevate your effectiveness.

Major Gift Solicitation Training

Our goal in presenting to your board members – The Art of Asking for Major Gifts – is to first make them feel comfortable about asking for money and then to give them the techniques they will need and the follow-up mentoring they must have to successfully complete major gift asks.

Planned Giving Program Development

We focus first on developing a strategy for your Planned Giving Program, followed by assisting in recruiting your Planned Giving Committee, comprised of professionals from the fields of finance, accounting, insurance, and tax law, and then we guide the committee in developing a Planned Giving Policies and Procedures Guide and a Planned Giving Marketing Program.

Strategic Marketing

We take a strategic approach to the development of your marketing program – your goals, your target audiences, your tailored messages, your measured results. All are part of our approach.

Effectiveness Coaching

We mentor nonprofit professionals to determine why they do what they do, so they can consistently improve their effectiveness. With a deeper understanding of one’s values and beliefs, a person can improve their understanding of goal setting and the implementation process. Our coaching can impact your professional life and your personal life, as well.


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